Multi-Factor Authentication
Solutions (MFA)

For companies that take authentication seriously. SecurEnvoy takes MFA to another level. Simply. Effectively. Flexibly.

For nearly 20 years we have been at the forefront of MFA innovation, proven with 1000’s of customers.

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Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions

Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions

Discover an extensive range of multi-factor authentication solutions ranging from phone apps to biometrics, smart cards, and real-time SMS. This powerful MFA tool allows you to select the specific authentication means by type of device and user.

Multi-Factor Authentication solutions for VPN, Remote Desktop, Web portals, Public Cloud Applications, and Server/Workstation logons.

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Comprehensive SecurEnvoy MFA –
what else can MFA do for you in your business?


Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions

Multi Factor Authentication Solutions

What is SecurEnvoy MFA?

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Your user’s MFA experience is vital – embracing security with simplicity is key

SecurEnvoy multi-factor authentication solutions allow you to choose and set up any personal device for two-factor and multi-factor authentication while moving seamlessly between devices – without compromises.

Easy to use, users can approve authentication attempts by accepting a push notification on a smartphone. In addition, users can enhance security by adding biometric approval.

MFA security that is second to none – while maintaining simplicity for user and admin

  • Full range of 2FA and MFA authentication options – beyond SMS
  • Scales as your business grows, integrating seamlessly with existing user repositories
  • Highly available resilient distributed server architecture
  • Feature rich integrations with wide ranging technologies
  • Support for seamless migration from existing authentication solutions

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10 mins

Advanced MFA deployed
in a matter of minutes


10 to 500,000+

Scales from 10 to
500,000+ users – simply



Trusted by 1000’s of
organisations across the globe

MFA deployment how you need it – in the Cloud or on-prem, available in minutes

Deploy SecurEnvoy multi-factor authentication solutions on-premise, in your private cloud, as a
hosted solution via AWS and Azure, or as a fully
managed cloud service.

We can deploy 100,000 users per hour –
deployment and scalability when you need it.

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MFA for any scenario your business needs – including extensive integrations

Our MFA solution is flexible and highly customisable. Supporting a wide range of use cases, from a simple addition to an existing VPN integration, to a complex integrated customer portal or application.

Do you have a special requirement? Talk to us, our solutions span 1000’s of businesses and each one is unique too.

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